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Water purification solutions

Water purification solutions for:

- Relief work, refugee, camps etc.
- Military, emergency management agencies.
- Households, municipalities. Construction camps and remote areas.
- Contaminated surface water in rural areas in all tropical zones

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Bluebox - Vandrensningsanlæg

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The PUREH2O water purification plant BLUEBOX 1200 is based on reverse osmosis (R/O), and consist of cartridge
filters, active carbon and UV-light. The purification methods are well known and used. The combination of these
filtering methods, sturdy material, simple construction in a plastic container, easy operation, large capacity, low
energy consumption, and the mobility is what makes the products of PUREH2O unique.

PURE2O´s mobile basic plant - BLUEBOX 1200 has a cleaning capacity of at least 1,200 liters of drinking water per hour.
The plant only weighs about 225 kilos and has a volume of less than a cubic meter. PUREH2O´s plant employs a self-priming diaphragm pump, which sucks water directly from lakes, rivers, water ponds etc. The following filtration process removes virus, bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides etc. The purified water is finally as a safety precaution exposed to strong UV-lighting effectively killing off all microorganisms.

The system is delivered with an integrated pump energized by an electrical engine fitted with frequency converter. The recommended drive force for a PUREH2O plant is a generator at places where there is no acces to permanent electrical supply. The plant may alternatively be supplied with integrated engine.

Water purified through PUREH2O´s BLUEBOX plant has been tested at state-controlled Danish and foreing laboratories.
The tests demonstrate that end users at virtually all places with access to surface water can get clean drinking water that is in compliance with WHO standards. The simple construction of the system makes it operative in less than 5 minuttes irrespective of end users qualifications.

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